Facebook’s Mobile Monetization Strategy: driving traffic to mobile apps

source: insidefacebook.com

Facebook announced today through its developer blog that it drove over 160 million visitors to Facebook-integrated mobile apps in April, a substantial rise from the 60 million visits it sent last February. These 160 million visitors generated 1.1 billion visits to mobile apps compared to 320 million visits in late February.

Facebook also reported that:

-Seven of the top ten grossing iOS apps and six of the top ten grossing Android apps are integrated with Facebook

Contrary to the belief that Facebook is competing with Android and iOS in revenue, Facebook, in reality benefits from the news feeds that these platforms produce by making money on ads.

The iPhone app, Viddy is a proof of how advantageous this win-win relationship with Facebook is. By integrating with Facebook, a very astute move from the company, it has grown its userbase to more than 16 million registered users.

Other apps that have benefited from this mobile boost from Facebook include BranchOut, a professional networking site, which has grown its users from one million monthly active users to more than 12.5 million monthly active users in only 12 weeks; and the social movie review site Flixster which has boost its visitors to ten times in just 4 weeks.






With this announcement, it will come as no surprise that more apps will integrate with Facebook over the years. This means one thing to Facebook addicts: more cool apps to look forward to in years to come!

Do you agree that this is a great mobile strategy? Let’s discuss on Facebook and Twitter!

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